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Kyle Brink

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Chlesea Hull


job analysis, realistic job preview, interview


This paper proposes a structured and researched approach to review and edit Memories Bridal and Evening Wear’s Sales Consultant employee selection process in hopes of decreasing employee turnover and increasing new employee performance. Research suggests that hiring management and business professionals use six main steps to create the core components of job tasks and competencies to make up a job analysis. A realistic job preview should also be created to ensure a successful match between the candidate and the job position. In addition to creating new pieces, hiring management must edit the existing application to include only necessary information to filter through the minimum qualifications of the position. The committee must also agree on what to look for in resumes, and how to correctly and incorrectly evaluate a candidate by a resume. Structured interviews are proven to be more reliable and valid than unstructured interviews. The hiring management are to edit current interview questions, and create new interview questions into structured behavioral and situational type questions. In order to maintain a structured process, a nominal rating scale and qualitative screening instrument provide a multidimensional approach that provides details and overall summary of the candidate. Hiring management will learn how to use the new and improved evaluations skills, interview questions, rating scales, and screening instruments.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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