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Business Information Systems

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Bernard Han

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Muhammad Razi

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Paula Eckert


This topic was chosen because a market need has been identified for an electronic medical record (EMR) system for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The problem is that these patients have needs that are different from standard medical records or standard disease management records. The current slew of EMRs is not reaching the full needs of clinicians and researchers to diagnose, treat, and analyze patients with ASD. There is an increased amount of data surrounding these patients - a lifetime of medical records that takes up a great amount of storage space. The large amount of data can be used for more advanced and accurate analytics than in other types of records. With the age of mandated EMRs, increased diagnoses coding, and rise in ASD diagnoses, an EMR specifically designed for patients with ASD would come at the right time.

What this document discusses is the answer to the questions: (1) Why is there a need for this specific kind of EMR? (2) What features would it need? (3) What guidelines would it need to follow? It also discusses what further research and development is needed to make this idea a reality.

The literature review will contain analyses of studies done on the usability of EMRs as well as journals containing insights about what may be improved about current EMRs. The results section will discuss what was found from research about the need for more EMR functionalities for patients with ASD and what features could be useful. The methods section covers how this information was obtained. The limitations section identifies what could be done to further develop a plan to fix this issue. The conclusion sections summarizes the document and research question answers.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted