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Mary Lagerwey

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Yvonne Ford


Change is often said to be the only constant in life. This holds true to the rapidly growing field of nursing. In order to meet the demands of new challenges that emerge in nursing, the way future nurses are educated also has changed. Not all nursing students find that the profession is for them. Therefore, some attrition from school is expected. This descriptive study will explore factors that the literature suggests are related to attrition at a mid-sized public university in the Midwest. A survey given to two different level nursing cohorts will give insight to pre-licensure nursing students’ experiences of barriers and supports. The purpose of this research is to explore what behaviors and barriers to successful timely completion nursing students at this midwestern university experience, and whether these factors correlate with demographic factors. The findings may raise awareness and provide the reason for positive changes. With recognizing certain factors comes the opportunity to support the changing student body and possibly avoid wasting of time and other resources.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access