Movements for the Dreamer: An Electronic Audio Experience

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Richard Johnson

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John Campos


My thesis, sponsored and hosted through the School of Music, is a capstone project in which I demonstrate extensive usage of one or more topics touched on in my degree program. In my case, with the degree program Multimedia Arts Technology, it can perhaps pertain to music performance, engineering, recording, or any extrapolation of those sorts of categories. My specific topic is that of music production.

Music production involves not only writing and recording music, but also synthesizing audio and mixing all of the content in a Digital Audio Workstation. The largest portion of my capstone project is a musical composition, for which I am producer, engineer, and talent. What this means is that I work exhaustively with the composer of this piece, Maxwell Hahn, to record the material, perform musical parts for the piece, and record and mix the whole production. It is a 25 minute piece that contains a vast assortment of electronic instruments, and an equally vast array of recorded material. There are a half dozen movements, most of which are instrumental. They span a few different tempi and differ in feel depending on their rhythmic backbone. The main subject of the piece is “Dreams,” and there is one movement that contains a voice singing about specific thoughts, eliciting a human emotional response that cannot be sought from purely instrumental sections.

My capstone project as a whole is a culmination of several projects and ventures since January 2015. It is presented as a fixed media piece with no live performance.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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