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Laura Hastings

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Mark Delorey


There are many different ways for students to gain a multicultural awareness and a global focus, which are important tools for their lives. Study abroad opportunities are seen as one of the widest-reaching and best hands-on learning paths that can be taken to broaden the horizons of students. This proposal combines service learning, a social justice issue (clean water), and global impact; giving students the chance to learn what is here in Kalamazoo and what is in Dominican Republic, how those issues compare and contrast as well as how each location is dealing with these issues. This proposed class will satisfy a general education requirement, for Area 4—Other Cultures and Civilizations. A large part of the class covers case studies from different areas of the world and how they combat the same problem. The Foundation Scholars are the focus group, composed of high achieving, low income students.

This course will be listed as an Honors course, and will work to help the Foundation Scholars to fulfill their requirement of taking 6 honors classes. This scholarship group generally contains 10-15 students, an ideal size for such a proposed class. Allowing these students to gain a knowledge of how different social justice issues affect communities will be a valuable asset as these future leaders begin their educational career.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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