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Global and International Studies

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Thomas Kostrzewa

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Janice Maatman

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Jennifer Kinne


For many women around the world, pregnancy is a miraculous, exciting stage in life. But for others pregnancy means financial burden, having to stay in an abusive relationship, or giving up a career. What many people forget is that motherhood is not the default position for women. As a result of the traditional views of acceptable roles regarding women, in most, if not all cultures, there is a stigma placed on family planning and abortion. To talk about contraceptive use is to admit that sex is a natural part of life for all genders. Many cultures are not prepared to admit such a thing. Instead, sexuality is placed in a narrow box and people are told mold themselves accordingly. My hypothesis is that access to contraceptives, abortion and family planning education can drastically improve the quality of life on a global scale for people of all genders and sexualities. Reproductive health is the foundation upon which healthy lives are built. When children are planned and wanted, a society can thrive. In my thesis, I will explore the possible effects of reproductive choice as an antidote to many of the issues facing the world, including social, environmental, and economic implications.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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