"Come and Go"

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Sharon Garber

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David Curwen


“What are your three favorite months?” she asked me. I knew what they were almost immediately, but I wanted to explain why eloquently. “Late July, because that is when summer peaks. It is the warmest it has been, but the heat hasn’t expired yet. October, because you get to see the beauty of death – crunching leaves, the sound of stepping on the skeletons of the summer. And May because at this point there is no turning back from winter, there are puddles in the fields, there is flowing water in the streets and the flowers are blooming. It’s a rebirth from the hibernation we have all been in.”

My Senior Capstone Project and Lee Honors College Thesis will be a small concert presenting my recent choreographic ventures. There will be three short sections, a quartet, trio and duet each examining how human relationships can reflect nature, and how they change depending on the season. I have chosen cast members based not only on their skill as dancers, but also their expertise in choreographic collaboration and performance quality. I have chosen lighting design and costumes that helps create the “worlds” that my dances live in which in this case are late July, October and May.

The first section will be a quartet, Conversations in the Kitchen, which personifies a moment at the apex of summer. I am exploring the feeling of having a euphoric moment, but simultaneously knowing that it will be over soon. The second section, Skeletons of the Summer, is a trio that attempts to capture when nature and relationships begin to die and the leaves flash vibrant colors in defiant beauty. In this piece I want to express the grace of degradation and the shift into the internal. The final section, Petrichor, is a duet which there is a realization that there is no turning back from winter. This dance celebrates rebirth and coming out of hibernation.

I will do all of the publicity for the concert including designing posters and creating an online event. I will also create the program, making sure that these all have continuity in design. I will have a videographer film the concert. This concert will be a collaboration concert on April 2nd at 6 pm with two fellow Dance Senior Capstone members.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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