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Matthew Ross

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Lara Hobson


We believe there is huge need for privacy in any shared living situation as roommates may need to change, perform an activity while the other is asleep or busy, have friends over or simply want privacy. The EZ Timeout room divider will allow healthy living in shared apartments/rooms and also provide you with ‘your own space’. Since the room divider is flexible, it will take up any space or shape intended by its user.

EZ Timeout is a high quality, affordable room divider/blind that is easily attachable and detachable, and also flexible and simple to install. It is inflammable, waterproof and eco-friendly. The room divider can be used for household and commercial use and meets the need for privacy and effective use of space. Our EZ Timeout room dividers can be purchased at local retail stores, our website or through select universities and colleges.

Our initial focus will be to sell the room dividers to college students living in shared housing situations. We then plan on expanding our product line of room dividers to cater hospitals/medical facilities, hotels, refugee camps/ disaster shelters, shared housing situations and also construction.

As a special feature, the EZ Timeout room divider will perform as a projector screen and as a gift will include a projector with every purchase. This will allow users to watch movies, TV shows, Netflix and music videos on the room divider screens. Another feature is that the room divider can be purchased as part of our pre-selected designs or we can custom make dividers to fit your needs.

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