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Chemical and Paper Engineering

First Advisor

Andrew Kline

Second Advisor

Said AbuBakr

Third Advisor

Peter Parker


The cooling of snack crackers, after the baking process is an important step prior to packaging. A model was developed for cooling the crackers. The model allows for the adjustment of multiple operating conditions, such as temperature, depth of the crackers, and the speed of the line. The completed model provides the user with the ability to predict cooling requirements and to validate pre-existing equipment operating conditions. The model will aid in the design of new equipment as well as modifications to improve existing installations to operate within the desired specifications for each process.


The bulk of the manuscript associated with this thesis contains proprietary information from the company sponsor, and is not available for dissemination to the general public. If you wish to know more about this thesis, please contact the senior design course coordinator, Dr. Kline, at the address below. Depending on your needs and interests, parts of this thesis may be available to be released in hard copy format for your review. Electronic copies of this thesis will not be released for review.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access