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First Advisor

Kelly Schultz

Second Advisor

Jerry Swoboda


The Creation of a Video Review Guide for the Free-Response Section of the Advanced Placement Calculus Exam follows the creation of a resource to help students prepare for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Calculus Exam. This project originated out of the authors personal experiences in preparing for this exam. The goal of the project was to create an accessible resource that reviews content, provides insights into the Advanced Placement exam, and creates successful habits in student responses. This paper, chronologically, details the development of the resource and a reflection on the final product and future uses.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

V1 Particle Motion.mp4 (57942 kB)
Particle Motion

V2 Modeling Part1.mp4 (104427 kB)
Modeling Part 1

V3 Modeling Part2.mp4 (74753 kB)
Modeling Part 2

V4 Diff EQ Part1.mp4 (150153 kB)
Differential Equations Part 1

V5 Diff EQ Part2.mp4 (97084 kB)
Differential Equations Part 2

V6 Regions Part1.mp4 (81525 kB)
Regions Part 1

V7 Regions Part2.mp4 (67083 kB)
Regions Part 2

Jeff Brown Thesis Presentation.pdf (436 kB)
Thesis Presentation