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First Advisor

James Eckert

Second Advisor

Robert Samples

Third Advisor

Matthew Ross


Next Generation Services, L.L.C. is a company that will provide reclamation services to consumers of lubricating oils. These consumers include manufacturing industries such as plastic injection, metal stamping, steel quenching, power generation, extrusion plants as well as other lubricant users. The services provided by Next Generation Services, L.L.C. will provide the customer with cost savings while reducing their impact on the environment. This is accomplished by increasing the average service life and quality of the lubricating oils in their facilities. Oil is normally removed from service and replaced when it becomes wet or dirty in the production process. Next Generation Services, L.L.C. can prevent this disposal by both cleaning and dehydrating the oil making it suitable for continued use. In many applications, a lubricating oil must maintain strict cleanliness standards. Many times a brand new oil being delivered does not meet these standards and will require filtration before being put into service. This may include turbine systems, hydraulic systems, gear oil and many other applications.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted