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Human Performance and Health Education

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Ben Atchison

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Elizabeth Martin


This paper explores the South African healthcare system in regards to the gap between the private and public healthcare sectors. Public healthcare is government funded and offered to all citizens of South Africa, but there are many disadvantages such as long wait times, rushed appointments, old facilities, and poor disease control and prevention practices. Citizens can opt to purchase private insurance in order to be treated at private hospitals and health clinics. The private healthcare sector has many perks that set it apart from public healthcare, such as short wait times, appointments are not rushed, better facilities, and proper disease control and prevention practices. South Africa’s National Health Insurance (NHI) is gradually being introduced to the country over the next fourteen years. NHI strives to create a unified healthcare system by making healthcare more affordable and accessible for the South African population. This paper discusses my research findings on the South African healthcare system, as well as my personal experiences working in private and public healthcare facilities during my study abroad trip.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access