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Carolyn Pavlik

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Jane Baas


The purpose of this research, obtained from various Journals of Dance Medicine and Science, is to identify the cause of recurring ankle injuries in the dance community. Ankle injuries are the most common type of injury making up 50% of injuries in dancers. The main cause of recurring ankle injuries is improper diagnosing and then leading to the wrong treatment plan. The research focusses on how to prevent these improper diagnoses and what the dancer and specialty care professional (orthopedics, physical therapists, and rehabilitative medicine) can do to decrease the number of ankle injuries occurring and reoccurring in the dance community. It is important to understand the reasons behind injuries in dancers, especially ankle injuries due to their high occurrence, because dancers need to maintain healthy bones and muscles in order to stay in their field of work. If the injuries keep occurring, it could potentially end a dancer’s career earlier than expected. This information will be useful for dancers who have chronic ankle injuries and specialty care professionals treating dancers as their patients. This information is likely to reduce the amount of recurring ankle injuries.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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