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Jon Davis

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Amanda Meerman


Learning mathematics is something that is difficult for students to do. This is definitely the case when the students do not get to investigate and really dive deep into the mathematical concepts. This thesis consists of a curriculum set up to promote a greater learning experience for students learning mathematical concepts. The curriculum is set up to cover one unit, or chapter, revolving around the concepts of linear functions. This thesis contains a student copy of a textbook for a unit on linear functions as well as a teacher version. The teacher version contains answers to all questions as well as suggestions for class discussions and teaching strategies used in order to teach the materials effectively. This is a type of curriculum focused on student learning mathematics through the real world contexts of sports. Sports are a topic that all students can relate to, whether they compete in sports, watch sports, organize sports, or even work with sports teams. By using real world experiences and situations that students can relate to, students will be able to grasp a better understanding of the mathematical concepts beneath the situations. Throughout this unit, students will be asked a series of particular questions in order to make their learning experience creative, collaborative, challenging, promote curiosity, and build connections between the mathematics and the students’ lives. All of the materials are created to be used to promote high levels of cognitive demand and to build students’ confidence in math as well as increase their skills of becoming successful mathematical thinkers.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

Math In Action teacher edition .pdf (3074 kB)
Math In Action - Teacher Edition

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Math In Action - Student Edition

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