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Finance and Commercial Law

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James Bosco

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Wenling Lu


Student loan debt is an issue facing the United States of America today. More and more people are enrolling themselves into college, hoping that a college degree would increase their chances of employment and improve their standard of living. However, the rise in demand for tertiary education has an effect on the amount of student loan debt accumulated in America. A hike in college tuition fees has caused a rise in default rate among student borrowers. More borrowers are entering repayment plans because they are not able to make their monthly loan payments. This phenomenon has altered borrowers’ decision on homeownership, and their efforts in wealth accumulation and retirement savings (Elliott & Lewis, 2015). Students’ financial standing and credit scores are negatively affected when their student loans go into default. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze how student debt affects student borrowers and the U.S. economy as consumer behavior changes. The U.S. government should subsidize higher education and decrease the interest rate on student loans to reduce the severity of the problem.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access