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Karen Vocke

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Jonathan Bush

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Emily Kastner


Literacy is a huge topic today, both in education and in politics. Many are asking questions like: How do we define it? How do we support its development? What is inhibiting literacy? Some programs, such as Read and Write Kalamazoo (RAWK), are working hard to support and encourage literacy in communities. I was able to work with RAWK to plan and teach a 4 hour Saturday workshop (for middle schoolers in the community) called "Reach for the Stars". It combined learning about astronomy with reading and writing.

In my thesis is a portfolio of pieces, which include:

- Literacy Narrative, which defines literacy and explores programs that are encouraging it.

- Personal Narrative, which describes my personal experiences with literacy and how I became involved with Read and Write Kalamazoo.

- Lesson Plan and appendices, which lays out what was planned to occur during the 4 hour workshop.

- Reflection, which includes pictures and a detailed written explanation of how the workshop went and my personal reflections on the experience as a whole.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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