Date of Defense

Spring 4-8-1997



First Advisor

Nora Berrah, Physics

Second Advisor

Thomas Gorczyca, Physics

Third Advisor

Timothy J. Gay, Physics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Angle-resolved measurements of the Ar 2p1/2,3/2-14s,3d,4d and 2p3/2-14s,3d,4d resonant Auger transitions have been carried out using photons from an undulator beamline at the Advanced Light Source of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The intensity distributions and angular distribution anisotropy (β) parameters have been reported for nearly all of the possible 3p4nl final ionic states. These results further verify the predictions of the spectator model for the 2p1/2,3/2-14s resonances and the subsequent breakdown of this model for the 2p1/2,3/2-13d and 2p1/2,3/2-14d relative intensities. This work produced the first report of the resonant Auger β parameters of the 2p1/2,3/2-13d and 2p1/2,3/2-14d resonances and the intensity distribution of the 2p1/2-14d resonance. These results have been compared with previous experimental and theoretical results whenever possible.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access