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Jil Larson

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Scott Friesner

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Aimee Valentine


Born in a small village near Del Marah, Teagan, abandoned by her mother, arrives on the steps of the orphanage. Her gifts express themselves in unexpected ways as she is taunted by those around her. Manifestations of her dreams become reality in the stone halls and calls the attention of the Reverend Mother, the woman responsible for purging the land from Darkness. Fearing for her life, Teagan is forced to leave behind the only life she has ever known. All the while the Forbidden God calls to her from the Shadows. Contained is a short story of fictitious work, any similarities found between existing places and people contained within this text is merely coincidental. This work is based in a fictional world where those born are gifted abilities based on planetary alignment by the gods.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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