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Mark Liermann

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Ben Reigel


In my senior year at Western Michigan University, I had the privilege of portraying Catherine Simms of the university’s production of The Foreigner. I was never been more excited to play a role in my entire life. For me, this is where the rubber met the road. I have trained for four years in the acting program and I was more than ready to apply the skills I have attained in this performance. I did extensive bookwork for this character. From doing research, to creating a biography, finding out Catherine’s objectives, and so on, my bookwork is definitely a sight to see. Not only that, I documented my journey with the cast. There were only seven of us in the play. Thus, my goal was to build a close relationship with all of them off the stage. That way, it will have an amazing impact on stage. This was accomplished in the process of rehearsals. I have never felt closer to a cast than I did to this one and I love them all so dearly. I put journal entries, pictures, and more, of my journey to building a relationship with the cast. My hypothesis was the more we bond in real life, the better the production will be. My hypothesis proved correct.

Once the production was over, I wrote a reflection paper on my experience. I discussed the journey, the acting techniques I applied, and more. Additionally, I added production photos. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for all of my years at school and it was well worth the wait. This experience has made me feel really prepared for the real world. Thanks to this play, I am going to graduate with more confidence and trust in my acting abilities. Lastly, I have truly seen how powerful teamwork and the magic people can create together.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

Foreigner Bookwork - Act 1.pdf (5345 kB)
Foreigner Bookwork Act 1

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Foreigner Bookwork Act 2

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Post Performance

The Foreinger - Viewpoints Reflection.pdf (15 kB)
Viewpoints Reflection

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