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Richard Malott

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Kelly Kohler


Individuals with an autism spectrum diagnosis often have a social-skills deficit that may include the tendency to avoid eye contact. In addition, they may have sensory issues and become easily overwhelmed by excessive sensory stimuli. Self-management is a treatment that has been found to enhance the quality of life for individuals with or without an autism spectrum diagnosis. It has been helpful in treating procrastination, used to increase physical activity, lower caloric intake, and increase independence. In this study, self-management treatments were used to increase instances of appropriate social responding and to decrease behaviors that posed a barrier to personal, and academic success. A smartphone application was used to increase instances of appropriate eye contact and body language. Goal setting techniques were used to increase independence and decrease dependency on the participant's service companion animal. These methods were effective in achieving a normative level of social functioning in one college-age adult with an autism spectrum diagnosis.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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