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Joan Herrington

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Mark Liermann


The purpose of “Haunted Houses: A Directorial Exploration of Expressions” is to demonstrate the effectiveness of my directorial skills in staging a drama on stage with both an objective and subjective reality. The play Haunted Houses by Kathryn Schultz-Miller served as the chosen work whose staging would implement the common expressionist staging strategies of abstraction, simple and flexible blocking, nonrealistic lighting and a strong emphasis on visuals and stage images. The following thesis provides a detail directorial book containing the blocking, scenery, props and creative concepts used in this original production that allows it to be recreated if desired. A research paper that provides the origin of the Expressionist art movement and its influence in theatre artists is also included. Haunted Houses contains two challenges: smoothly alternating scenes with an objective reality to scenes with a subjective reality and portraying 18 characters by only using four actors. The transitions of realities was effectively approached with the use of fabric as a main element of the world of the play. Fabric served to highlight the abstraction and facilitate the transitions of settings as it was used in many ways. The multiple portrayal of characters by one single actor was effectively approached by heavy characterization rehearsal, focusing on defining physicalities and voice placement for each persona. Actors were able to increase familiarity and produce a more impactful performance.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

HauntedHouses_Production_1.JPG (1208 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 1

HauntedHouses_Production_2.JPG (1636 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 2

HauntedHouses_Production_3.JPG (1491 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 3

HauntedHouses_Production_4.JPG (1439 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 4

HauntedHouses_Production_5.JPG (1186 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 5

HauntedHouses_Production_6.JPG (1031 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 6

HauntedHouses_Production_7.JPG (996 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 7

HauntedHouses_Production_8.JPG (748 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 8

HauntedHouses_Production_9.JPG (790 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 9

HauntedHouses_Production_10.JPG (816 kB)
Haunted Houses Production 10

Haunted Houses Program

ANNALIESE.mp4 (7782 kB)

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CAL.mp4 (14454 kB)

Green Room Video

MERRYROSE.mp4 (17131 kB)
Merry Rose

Amppitune - Ambush (Cinematic Horror).mp3 (2186 kB)
Amppitune Ambush (Cinematic Horror)

Cinematic Tension Buildup Sound Effect (1).mp3 (1167 kB)
Cinematic Tension Buildup Sound Effect (1)

Creepy Forrest.mp3 (14078 kB)
Creepy Forrest

Creepy Horror Buildup (Eerie Ending) Sound Effect.mp3 (780 kB)
Creepy Horror Buildup (Eerie Ending) Sound Effect

Eerie Ambience18 min.mp3 (26722 kB)
Eerie Ambience18 min

FOREST SILENCE - Endless Cold Thoughts.mp3 (11135 kB)
FOREST SILENCE - Endless Cold Thoughts

Hitsound Sound Effect (Cinemasins).mp3 (105 kB)
Hitsound Sound Effect (Cinemasins)

Horror Build Up Sound Effect.mp3 (696 kB)
Horror Build Up Sound Effect

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin Something (1).mp3 (8513 kB)
Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin Something (1)

Thriller Sound Effect -Haunting Suspense Whoosh 2 (Cinematic, Horror, Mystic).mp3 (94 kB)
Thriller Sound Effect -Haunting Suspense Whoosh 2 (Cinematic, Horror, Mystic)