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Date of Graduation




First Advisor

Jil Larson

Second Advisor

Philip Egan

Third Advisor

Scott Friesner


The Post-Credits Sequence is a collection of short fiction examining death through the lens of contemporary pop culture and social media. The 2014 Gwen Frostic award-winning “A Fairly Satisfying Version of History” deals with a young narrator trying to make sense of his absent father after his death. “The Dork Knights Rise” plays with the narrative conventions of detective fiction as three nerdy millennials use their pop cultural expertise, garnered from a shared love of comics and movies, to solve a crime. Finally, “Contemporary Necromancy” explores how we deal with grieving in the age of Facebook and Instagram, where all feelings are publicly expressed and promote a personal brand. These stories share a theme of responding to loss in a post-Internet era.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted