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Yvette Hyter

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Carrie Kennedy

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Kathryn Hillenbrand


Purpose: To describe language assessments that benefit bilingual students in the correct diagnosis of a language disorder.

Method: A systematic review of the literature was completed to examine the assessment tools used for bilingual children. The most common peer-reviewed journals in the field of speech-language pathology were examined to find articles that researched and discussed bilingual assessment practices. The information collected in the articles focused on the procedures needed for the correct assessment of a bilingual speaker.

Results: The literature mainly focused on assessment techniques of Conceptual Scoring, Dynamic Assessment, Nonword Repetition Task, and the Bilingual English Spanish Oral Screener. Additionally, assessment methods used to score morphology and pragmatics in bilingual speakers were examined.

Conclusions: Assessment tools that examine the vocabulary of a bilingual child in both of his/her languages, are culturally- and linguistically-relevant, and examine the knowledge of linguistic patterns are more beneficial for assessing the language skills of bilingual speakers.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access