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Businesses in our region and in our country today have a unique opportunity being presented to them. Four generations of employees are walking through the doors of our companies each day. To expect that each generation can be catered to the same would be ignorant for a CEO or manager to believe. It’s common knowledge that this new generation entering the workforce, the millennials, are unlike any other generation to come before in regards to their workplace necessities and demands. Technology, diversity, and flexibility just scratch the surface when it comes to what the millennial generation is looking for when searching for a career.

Southwest Michigan has a great opportunity to present themselves as an attractive place for millennials to live and work. There may not be skyscrapers or subways, but the bulk of what millennials are looking for in a place to settle down and start their career is all housed right here in beautiful Southwest Michigan.

This is more than just about retaining and attracting millennial talent, it’s about becoming a region of excellence. Understanding whom millennials are and how they function gives us a better understanding of how we can reach this goal of becoming a region of excellence. Further understanding why millennials matter and how their generation plays a significant role in the future of our companies holds strong significance when looking to attract them to our region. From finding a place to live and work to landing a job at the perfect company, Southwest Michigan has a lot to offer to this sought after generation. However, the story of our region isn’t being told in a way that is currently reaching the millennial demographic, which lands us at the premise of this thesis: retaining and attracting millennial talent to our region’s companies.

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