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First Advisor

Christina Stamper

Second Advisor

Jennifer Palthe

Third Advisor

Geralyn Heystek


This project started with the question; can Fortune 500 companies’ best practices within staffing work effectively for staffing? My method moving forward with this goal was to conduct informational interviews with three Fortune 500 companies, headquartered in the United States and one small business. I asked questions ranging from generation of the applicant pool to the onboarding process that most employees go through in the process. To help clarify the interview responses, I defined seven key strategic decisions related to staffing high quality employees: internal versus external recruiting, open versus targeted recruitment, employment brand message, recruiting sources, interviews/assessment, legal compliance, and onboarding. The interview responses from the four company representatives are followed with a summarizing section for the interviews. After describing the interview responses, I discuss recommendations that a small business should consider when generating their own staffing strategy. I started with a job analysis for roles within the organization and then how the seven key staffing decisions affect the overall staffing strategy of the organization. My initial goal started with the intent of finding staffing best practices but ended with the conclusion that best practices within human resources are situational for each company’s mission and vision.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted