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First Advisor

Megan Slayter

Second Advisor

Kelley O'Reilly


The following report constitutes the formal marketing plan for the department of dance at Western Michigan University. This plan is intended to synthesize all of the marketing related information pertinent to Western’s dance department and provide easy one step access to this material at any time. The other purpose of this plan is to dictate the primary objectives the department is looking to accomplish through implementation of marketing tactics.

The first primary objective includes increasing visibility of the department of dance as a whole to both our primary and secondary target audiences; the second objective is to create innovative marketing designs that consistently remain cost effective in nature. Throughout this plan there is no indication of cost for any of the suggested marketing tactics. This was done intentionally in order to allow lenience when enacting said plans and to avoid future potential issues if funds continue to decrease. Currently, the department of dance is allotted no more than $5,000 for marketing according to the department chair Megan Slayter; therefore this was the budget upon which marketing suggestions were made.

Overall, through implementation of this plan the goal is to increase prospective student attendance, maximize Western’s reach throughout the entire dance community, and exponentially amplify attendance for every dance performance. Through specifying our competition, understanding our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, realizing the industry with which we reside, and creating a strategic plan for implementation, these goals will become a reality for the dance department of Western Michigan University.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access