Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Computer Science

First Advisor

John Kapenga

Second Advisor

Donna Kaminski


The Site Access Checkpoint Application is a web-based application that is meant to replace the paper system for our client’s attendance procedures. As a way for contractors to sign in for the day, this application will allow administrators access to contractors’ information and provide several features to make sure contractors are taken care of. The web application utilizes AngularJS as the front end, providing a web page for a user to interact with and uses Firebase as the backend, providing a secure database to store and retrieve data for use by the application. Firebase also provides a means of authenticating administrators into the system, ensuring security for administrators. With collaboration from groupmates, the design was looked at by more perspectives than one. In the future, the Site Access Checkpoint Application will be tested around the United States for construction workers and be implemented fully in the future.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted