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Biological Sciences

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Gary H. Bischof

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Glinda Rawls


The prevalence and severity of mental health disorders on college campuses has been increasing nationwide. This review aims to address some of the prevalent mental health issues that continuously plague college students today. Recent trends in college student mental health are analyzed as well as literature regarding common disorders including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. A comparison of honors and non-honors students is provided to contribute to an otherwise lacking area of research surrounding honors student populations. Effective practices and policies for colleges and universities to incorporate into their counseling services are also considered, with viable goals centering on the prevention, early intervention, education, and stigma reduction of those mental health issues. Finally, recommendations and the potential implementation of themes from the literature are provided for the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University in the hopes that they benefit future honors students as well as setting an example for other universities who are also interested in similar practices.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access