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David Montgomery

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Suzanne Beals


The Bronco Marching Band first began in 1915 as a men's only music ensemble, which played mainly seated concerts. After a brief hiatus due to a drop in membership because of the First World War, the band was listed as a student organization again in 1920. Since then it has consistently performed at community and University events. The band, now open to all students, has seen two world wars and multiple school name changes, soon approaches its 100th consecutive year. The band is known for its excellent and entertaining performances and unwavering support for the University and its athletic teams. Consisting of students of all majors, and comprising the most memorable moments in many students’ college careers, many band members describe the BMB as the largest family on campus.

As with many areas in the University, funding continues to remain static and see declines, making it difficult for the Bronco Marching Band to operate and maintain its traditions and standards of excellence. The funds provided from the University are not efficient to cover operating costs, so there is now a need for the band to diversify its funding sources. In this thesis, I propose ideas and a plan, outlining suggestions for future funding sources.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access