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Ann Veeck

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Marcel Zondag

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Frank Gambino


Marketers frequently segment different populations by generation to target their products more efficiently. Each generation has its own characteristics and behaviors. Marketers use these characteristics and behaviors to improve ways to get consumers’ attention, increase interactions with brands, and increase purchase of products and services.

In a rapidly changing world, these generations are becoming increasingly visible and identifiable due to the integration of technology and social media into daily life. The generation that this study focuses on is called Generation Z. Generation Z has not been fully identified yet because their group is still emerging. Researchers have found it difficult to put an age range on the generation. Research has alternatively indicated the oldest as being between the ages of 20-23 and youngest not being born yet to 9 years old (Mintel, 2016). There are two clear subdivision of Generation Z. There are the older members, who will soon be in college or soon to be entering the workforce, and younger Generation Z, who would be considered teens or tweens that are in their years of primary and secondary education.

This study will focus on the older subdivision of Generation Z. With the options to purchase such a large variety of products, this study has focused on the shopping behaviors of this generation while grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is an excellent lens through which to view shopping behaviors since food is a necessity of life. There will always be a need to buy food or products to sustain whatever lifestyle someone chooses to live. While other studies have provided the foundation for developing general knowledge regarding consumer behaviors, this research is dedicated to behaviors related to grocery shopping of Generation Z.

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