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As a teacher, not having a plan for days when you are not in the classroom is not an option. Usually, a teacher can plan a few days in advance and be prepared for a substitute teacher to come in. However, more often than not, the substitute is not certified to teach in the subject they are covering, which becomes particularly difficult in a World Language class, such as Spanish. Additionally, some days there is no advanced notice for an absence, and a last-minute plan has to be made. That is where Substitute Salvation comes in. Substitute Salvation is a website developed to ensure that students in any level Spanish class have activities to do and information to learn on any given day. It is divided into five sections: Gramática, Conceptos Interesantes, Cultura, Recursos Importantes, and Contact. Contact is contact information for the teacher, but the other sections are where the meat of the information lies. Gramática features different grammar topics in Spanish as well as 15-30 questions that students can answer. Conceptos Interesantes includes new vocabulary, colloquial Spanish phrases, and a description of cognates, all with Quizlet sets that help students acquire the new terms. Cultura includes a blog-style post about Santander, Spain, and an in-depth look at food in Spanish-speaking cultures. There are also six project ideas that would take at least one class period for students to finish. Recursos Importantes contains lists of books, movies, TV shows, and websites that can help to strengthen the Spanish skills of anyone trying to learn the language. The idea is that a teacher can just give the website link, a list of the activities they want students to complete, and that will last the students an entire class period. It is an ideal emergency substitute teacher plan, because it will keep students quiet while they are still learning something new even though their teacher is not in the room with them and the teacher they have for the day may not speak the language they are learning. Utilizing Substitute Salvation will help teachers to have a variety of lesson plans at their fingertips for all levels of Spanish on all topics.

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