Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

First Advisor

Daniel Kujawski

Second Advisor

Evan Banner

Third Advisor

Jim McQueen


Law enforcement officers and military personnel operate in very dangerous and unpredictable combat situations. In order to be prepared for defending their own lives or the lives of civilians, they must be extensively trained. Current firearm training methods are inadequate at preparing law enforcement for the complexity and stress of the deadly encounters they will experience on the job. These methods are static, simple, and require little to no critical thinking skills. Smart Shot is an advanced target training system for law enforcement officers and military personnel that aims to simulate the stress and dynamic nature of a real deadly encounter by better preparing shooters for situations they will face on the job. The complexity of friend or foe situations will make the training system more realistic than any other on the market today. An integrated smartphone application and sensing technology will make the targets connected and intelligent to the shooters performance. Through extensive research and development, the Smart Shot training system will be more durable, portable, and less expensive than the existing competition on the market. Smart Shot will aim to bridge the gap between firearms training and real life engagements while being affordable and versatile for a variety of different customers.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted