An Evaluation of the Variety and Availability of Continuing Education Opportunities for Occupational Therapists

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Occupational Therapy

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Carla Chase

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Debra Lindstrom


occupational therapy, continuing education, state conferences


The profession of occupational therapy is celebrating its 100th year in 2017. At a time where it is more important than ever to address progress and current state to meet future goals, this evaluation of continuing education opportunities can serve as a tool to ensure the field addresses the current and future needs of occupational therapists. Through state conference data, this project has created an opportunity to identify current themes, areas of competency, and areas of need within continuing education. Results indicate need for additional educational opportunities in Health & Wellness, Productive Aging, Work & Industry, and Evidence Based Practice & Research to meet changing healthcare trends and the current numbers of therapists working within corresponding practice settings.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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