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First Advisor

Tabitha Mingus

Second Advisor

Leslie Church


As a peer tutor and academic coach at Western Michigan University since Fall 2014, I frequently assisted students with mathematics and science courses. Working closely with university students made me realize that many students lacked important skills that I would expect to have been developed prior to college. The skills that I realized students were lacking with respect to math literacy were pattern recognition, the ability to transfer skills, and comprehension and use of mathematical language. I set out to develop these skills as I prepared for an internship in an remedial Algebra II class at Kalamazoo Central High School. My project focused on the material developed to utilize throughout the trimester, aligned with the pacing guide provided by the school and adjusted to meet the needs of the students.

I compiled the material used and, when necessary, made changes after implementing them in the classroom. The trimester covered the mathematical topics of domain and range, functions, function notation, polynomials, and factoring. Included in the collection are lesson plans, daily warm-ups, templates for warm-ups, notes, homework, and quizzes, example notes, scaffolded and differentiated activities, and assessments. I’ve also provided additional items for skill-building, such as drills for adding and subtracting and a textbook hunt. Some of the assignments were borrowed from other resources, including my mentor teacher Leslie Church, Holt McDougal online textbooks, Kuta Software, Desmos, Extended Algebra,,,, and Many of the items were hand-made using programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Desmos. The reason for having to make my own activities to use was to meet the needs of the students with which I was interacting. Although it took longer to prepare, I felt that these products better suited my students and my purpose.

I am interested in continuing to develop and alter products to utilize with students to develop their math literacy. I hope to build student skills and confidence to increase success rates at the college level across all subjects, not just mathematics. The materials I have compiled for my thesis will continue to evolve, and I look forward to challenging myself to develop lessons and materials to improve student performance and appreciation for mathematics.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access