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Business Information Systems

First Advisor

James Bosco

Second Advisor

Vincent Lyon-Callo


video games, culture


This thesis analyzes the video game Destiny and the culture that surrounds it. This is done through the analysis of the cultural features and factors of the game and community that play the game. The goal is to show that video games are capable of bringing people together in such a way that a culture specific to that game is formed. Furthermore, the culture that Destiny has cultivated has augmented the game experience into an increasingly interesting and entertaining game. This thesis also intends to show that games that strive to successfully build cultures related to them can lead to experiences that enhance the game and can be beneficial to players. Through showing the positive experience that Destiny and its culture have created, this research highlights the importance of not only video games on their own, but the cultures that are related to them. The conclusions found were found through a combination of research on cultural topics as well as extensive play of the Destiny game and interaction with Destiny culture.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted