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Richard Malott

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Kelly Kohler


Receptive identification skills are important for any child to learn. Without these skills, various aspects of development can become impaired. There are many ways to teach receptive identification. This project pulled ideas from previous studies on within-session progressive gestural-prompt delays as well as the different methods of teaching receptive identification skills, simple-conditional method and the condition-only method. The student was not acquiring receptive identification skills with the traditional methods used in the classroom. Within-session progressive gestural-prompt delay was used in this project to teach receptive identification of objects. An AB single-subject design was used in this project. The student responded independently for 10% of trials in baseline. During intervention, she responded independently 12% in phase 1, 45% in phase 1a, 18% in phase 1b, and 27.5% in phase 1c. The student did not phase change. The within-session progressive gestural-prompt delay was not effective in teaching receptive identification of objects to the student in this project. Future research should look at different prompt delays and more concrete prerequisite skills for students.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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