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Ann Veeck

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John Weitzel


Social media presents itself as a far-reaching and cost-effective tool to not only reach, but also to engage with potential audiences. As social media usage is becoming more commonplace, it is increasingly important for companies to understand their place within the social media realm.

Kalamazoo FC is a local semi-professional team in their third year of play. They are looking to expand their target market to include those of millennials, college students, and Latinos. Herein lies a comprehensive social media plan that contains detailed information regarding the team, new markets targeted, and social media platforms currently used by the team.

Data analytics, including the tools provided by each platform as well as a free analytical website, were used to find key metrics per platform which include: followers, likes, reach, comments, reactions, shares, engagements, impressions, and retweets from posts dated December 1st, 2017 to March 27th, 2018. Top posts per platform per reach and likes were also noted across platforms to create findings in order to achieve team objectives including increased awareness and engagement.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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