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In the recent past, the trading environment has increasingly become competitive. Businesses are adopting various strategies to survive in the dynamic business environment. One such business is West Hills Athletic Club, which is located along South 11th Street, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fitness center was organized and incorporated in 1973. It was opened in 1974 and it has eight indoor courts for tennis. As of 1976, the enterprise expanded to twelve courts. In 1988, the firm converted 2 tennis courts to incorporate a track, basketball, and fitness equipment. In 1998, the facility was donated to the Western Michigan University. The institution undertook the initiative to renovate the facility expanding and improving on the fitness services being offered. The facility employs about 130 people, with the workforce having an average age of 45 years. It has a membership plan; the fitness club has 3900 members with 1200 of them being from Western Michigan University. The firm has come with a five-year strategic plan to target the millennials to increase growth. In spite of the facility facing stiff competition from other fitness clubs, its growth potential is in the tennis junior market. The mission of the fitness center is ensure that all participants attain their health, fitness, and tennis goals in an encouraging environment by the best-trained personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and programs the fitness club provides.

According to recent statistics by the Fitness Industry Analysis there are more than 50 million Americans with memberships in health and fitness clubs. Majority of these clubs operate for commercial purposes. The remaining are non-profit centers such as YMCA. It implies that more than 40 million Americans pay monthly dues to be members of a fitness or health facility. They assist the customers to attain their health objectives as well as make profit. With this in view, the paper will develop a marketing plan for West Hills Athletic Club.

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