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First Advisor

Marcellis Zondag

Second Advisor

Frank Gambino


In this this thesis, meal kits are analyzed in a comparative environment of the traditional e-commerce meal kits verses the emerging omnichannel meal kits. As the category broadens and new approaches are taken to entice the consumer, I look at how meal kits have started, how they have evolved, and where they are going. This paper gathers qualitative data amongst the Southwest Michigan millennial population to assess if omnichannel meal kits will cannibalize ecommerce meal kits, or if the category as a whole will grow or shrink. As consumers continue to seek out convivence items more frequently, a search for health food items grows as well. This thesis looks at the growth in meal kit category as the shift in what consumers want evolves. The primary research conducted also assesses if brand loyalty will be a factor in the growth of omnichannel meal kits, or if price sensitive consumers will outweight the brand loyal buyers. The long lasting question with the new developments will still continue however – are meal kits just a box to nowhere?

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted