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First Advisor

Thisbe Nissen

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Claire Robbins

Third Advisor

Timothy Conrad


Wishing I Was An English Major: A Collection of Creative Writing includes pieces of copywriting, short plays, poems, fiction and nonfiction. The collection showcases the different genres of creative writing together as a sublime effort to express my belief in exploring each genre in order to gain the different writing perspectives that will ultimately influence one another. The piece of copywriting is a storyboard for use of directing a commercial. This story board incorporates using images, dialogue and location, all of which work towards conveying only a single core message/call to action to the company’s target market. The two 10-minute plays in this collection are stories written in standard play format, carry continuous action (no blackouts, scene changes, etc.) and a minimum of four characters. Although each play is fiction, they are both based on true stories that included deep research to portray the stories near to realism. The three poems reflect the hardships I endured post relationships as a form of expressing my feelings of loss, emptiness and heartache. My life experiences are not exactly portrayed through the situations of these poems but instead are used as fuel to write comforting messages in which readers and I can find comfort in. The pieces of nonfiction are based on real life experiences that follow the details in setting, thoughts, feelings and emotions very closely. Furthermore, some required me to compile research in order to tell a well rounded story with different perspectives. The pieces of nonfiction seem to have received a coating of embellishment, yet this only seems the case, as much of what seems to be embellishment are deep thoughts that were had when pondering in the experiences and when writing the experiences. The pieces of fiction are based on creative writing prompts in order to get a kick out of the freedom to write about anything the world or my mind feels like throwing at me. These pieces are unique in that they are fun short stories with the purpose of leaving readers in an imaginative train of thought.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted