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First Advisor

Alisa Perkins

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Cindy Visscher


Islam, feminism, intersectionality, gender segregation, inequality, Quran


American Muslim women face constant surveillance, stress, and pressure to change and adapt to mainstream society. In the United States, Muslim women find ways to negotiate their identities, express their concerns, and learn through their faith by means of Islamic scholarship, Islamic feminism, and reinterpretations of the Quran. They are reconciling their multifaceted identities with better understanding of sacred text as well as solidifying their desired gender roles within their communities. They are challenging norms and creating new spaces for themselves within the ummah as well as the United States. American Muslim women find courage, strength, and autonomy through Islamic feminist traditions, solidarity with like-minded men and women from their own and other faith traditions, and community-based outreach programs fueled by their faith and compassion. There is more to understand about these women than just their Muslim identities, or just their American identities.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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