Date of Defense

Fall 11-15-2007



First Advisor

David Rozelle, Accountancy

Second Advisor

Richard Hodges, Accountancy

Third Advisor

Sheldon Langsam, Accountancy


personal finance


The 2004 Nellie Mae Credit Card Study reported that 76% of undergraduate students have credit cards and 47% have four or more cards. The average credit card debt is $2,169. Many others have student loans they are trying to pay off. Also, in 2006, Jump$tart Coalition published the results of a comprehensive financial literacy survey of 5,775 high school seniors and on average, only 52% of questions were answered correctly. According to the Ohio State Study conducted in 2002, only 10-20% of high school seniors nationwide will have had any personal finance training by the time they graduate from high school. The majority of this paper concerns investing because of its importance for the remainder of college students' lives. The paper is divided into subtopics which include: saving money, budgeting, investing, working full-time, and programs and resources.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only