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This senior design project encompassed the optimization of a previously built quadcopter, as well as the design of new components for additional functions and increased range of operations. The previous vehicle was designed to operate as a helicopter, land rover, and submarine. Although the vehicle operates successfully in these three environments, it is not very successful on transitioning between them, i.e. cannot take off from underneath water. This year’s project goals included optimizing the current vehicle so that it could transition seamlessly between its functions and adding an additional function: to be able to rover at the bottom of a body of water, as a sea rover. The chosen name for the prototype is thus Land, Air, Sea, Rover (LASR) Unmanned Vehicle. The concept will allow researchers and professionals around the globe to significantly increase their range of operations using a single vehicle. LASR will have no limitations whether it is to be used under, on, or above earth.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access