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Richard Malott

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Kelly Kohler

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Brandi Fontenot


This study tested the effects of multiple exemplar instruction on reading comprehension for a middle school student with a reading delay. A multiple probe design was used to evaluate and observe the changes in the number of questions the student answered correctly. Probes consisted of: (1) pre-experimental, (2) single exemplar instruction (SEI), (3) post-SEI, (4) MEI, and (5) post-MEI. The independent variable was a multiple exemplar intervention that required the student to read a passage across three topographies (silently, listening, and aloud).

Multiple exemplar instruction was shown to be effective in increasing the number of questions answered correctly during single exemplar instruction probes. The effects of MEI on reading comprehension for this student as well as limitations and future research of the study are discussed.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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