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Richard Malott

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Kelly Kohler

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Amanda Devoto


Instructional icons are helpful as basic direction following is the basis for complex skills needed later in life. These instructions should have a good training so that children can get the basic skills and can move on to the complex skills. The goal of the project was to increase the correct responses to instructional icons. Visuals are a good tool for learning because it attaches a picture with the event that is happening or will happen. Children with autism sometimes struggle when they are introduced to a new environment so having a system in place to help make instruction following easier is important. The research design used in the project was an AB design. This project was important because it advanced the knowledge of behavioral analysis by showing how having a set training program for visual aids can help make following instructions easier. It also helped because the child can start to generalize these skills to the outside world and this helps the parents take their kids more places with less problems. Lastly, it helped the child because this helped them expand their repertoire and instruction following skills which sets the basis for the rest of their life. The results were that the instruction icons “sit down” and “stand up” were successfully trained.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access