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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Steven Durbin

Second Advisor

Bradley Bazuin

Third Advisor

Damon Miller


Demand for innovative and energy-efficient technology has increased as an environmentally sustainable society has become priority. Technological development of solid-state light plays a part in meeting that demand. Our research has revealed that LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting uses less energy and is a more cost effective and environmentally responsible choice than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Converting from incandescent and fluorescent dominated lighting to LED lighting may be cumbersome but can result in a classroom milieu that is attractive, cost/energy effective, easy to manipulate as well as facilitative to learning. For this project, a small-scale mockup of the light fixtures was built complete with all wiring to demonstrate the install of the LED lights. The prototype was designed to represent how the lighting would work in a real-world environment. For the project, the existing wall switch dimming controller was upgraded to a uniquely created application run on an Android operating system to act as a wireless controller for remote dimming and off/on capabilities. The application gives the operator the ability to manipulate lighting for different sections of the classroom to optimize the teaching and learning experience in which we will refer to as “zone control”. A projection screen feature was added to dim the lights automatically whenever the projector button is selected by the operator. For the classroom implementation, the old fluorescent lights will be replaced with LEDs that are connected to the new user interface. The initial cost of the material for the mockup did not exceed $500. The findings were presented at Western Michigan University Senior Design event and if implemented, the solid-state light conversion will produce increased lifespan, decreased maintenance cost and greater functionality along with an attractive milieu that will benefit students and faculty for years to come.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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