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Kathryn Thompsen

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Jeremiah Downes


The senior showcase that I participated in, was a compilation of all the performance technique that I had learned in my collegiate studies. The information I learned while taking classes about Shakespeare, theatre history, and acting technique, all can be seen in my performance of “I Wanna be a Rockette”. Not only did I use my acting technique in crafting the comedy of the piece, I also used many elements of dance. My own style of dancing is much different than a Rockette’s due to my spitfire personality and my short stature. I had to research the quality of movement that Rockette’s actually perform on a daily basis and juxtapose that movement with my own rowdy style. A casual watcher may not notice this, but it adds another layer of specificity within the piece. Not only am I singing about how I would like to be a Rockette, my dancing matches too. However, it will not matter that my dancing matches the Rockettes because my height never will which is shown when I stop demonstrating the traditional Rockette moves. Singing while dancing intensely is harder than it looks it takes specific breath support throughout the entire endeavor, which I train every day. I have vocal lessons once per week, but I practice at least thirty minutes every day. It is important to make good technique a memorized thing, so it happens even when you are onstage and thinking about many other things. Practicing performance does not make perfect, but it does make consistency. Looking back at my performance, I utilized the techniques I have learned thus far, but have much to learn in the way of crafting a piece. I would like to develop a quieter way of performance. Sometimes I tend to rush the acting objectives which can rush the music as well. This will be something I will focus on during my future career in New York City and beyond.

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