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Carla Chase


BACKGROUND Over the past decade, Internet Based Interventions (IBI) have emerged as a possible mental health approach, reported to reduce cost and provide access to needed services. There is a dearth of literature that clearly defines the scope and components of IBIs and its efficacy. Moreover, little is known about the efficacy of IBI for college students, a population that reportedly underutilizes mental health services.

OBJECTIVE The purpose of this scoping review was to assess the efficacy of IBI as a mental health intervention for college students.

METHODS Three databases were used to initially identify 400 studies and through the scoping review process that included revised research questions, 20 studies were ultimately reviewed.

RESULTS The research evidence indicates that IBI is an effective mental health intervention for college students. Analysis of the included articles revealed significant improvements in symptom reduction and self-reported improved mental well-being. In addition, IBIs were consistently reported to increase student’s access to mental health services.

CONCLUSION IBI can be a resource for college counseling centers as an alternative or additional service to reach students who may be unable or unwilling to access traditional services. However, there is still limited data clearly defining the scope and components of IBI, warranting additional research.

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