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Anthony Helms


The goal of this thesis is to provide a well-developed and hypothetical course curriculum overview that could serve as a course for students in business school.

The course itself will contain three core phases:

1. Getting a job – How to get a job, more specifically covering the complexity in navigating through the process of attaining a job after college. Some of the topics will be getting hired, the interview process, job hunting, wage negotiation and its importance, setting up goals, and selecting a career path. (Readings: What Color is your Parachute)

2. Your Hired – Once a graduate is hired, and successfully has attained a job, what are the next actions needed to help them thrive? Graduates now need the skills to put career plans into action, as well as the ability to understand and examine unhealthy and dysfunctional companies and systems. This will be the largest phase of the course. The ending goal of this phase is to help students prepare for the workplace and help them understand some of the complexities they will undoubtedly face. (Readings: The Rules of Work; The Ten Commandments for Business Failure; Meltdown Why our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It)

3. How to Quit (with forward progress in mind) – recognizing when it is time to move on. How to quit or leave a job for another. This is something that everyone will have to do at one point or another in their career. The objective of this will be helping students understand the process of leaving one job for another. (Readings: How to Quit Your Job The Right Way)

This thesis provides a developed curriculum analysis on objectives and rationale for including them. This includes topics of content covered, reading material, overarching objectives, and propose elements for testing and assignments. This thesis is also paired with a presentation to demonstrate the start to finish detailing of the course and covers rationale for stating objectives and highlights the importance of studying and examining unhealthy dysfunctional companies and systems. This project also comes with leave behind material, which consists of book reviews on text to be used in the course.

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