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Joan Herrington

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Mark Liermann


The purpose of “Cloud Tectonics: A Footlight 2 Production,” was to produce a full length, professional production of Jose Rivera’s one-act play, Cloud Tectonics, part of which includes the creation of a professional grade directorial book detailing the process and thought that went into the staging of the show. Because of copyright and other legalities, the directorial book without the annotated script is all that can be included in Scholarworks; however, in the book you’ll find a thorough analytical examination of the playwright’s dramaturgical choices, their intended impact, and how the director interpreted and expressed those concepts in the blocking, acting, and design of the final show. This dramaturgical investigation is accompanied by research into elements of the script including locations mentioned, recurring symbols, and general circumstantial information about both the world of the play as well as the world and time period during which the play was written and first produced. The book also provides a brief break-down of each character, their basic objective, archetypical images, and other information that the director was able to communicate to the cast to achieve the right characterization on stage. The director also expanded on the professional expectations for the finished book by including copies of promotional material, as well as all notes regarding the audition and casting process. All of this information is then taken into account and was used to form a general creative concept for the entire show, which is also included in the final book. The completed directorial book is a detailed written record of not only the work that went into preparing for the show, but also as much information about the actual staged production as possible, from which (in theory) the entire show could be reproduced in the future as close to this most recent production as possible.

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